Hydrocarbon refined concentrates

Made with the finest cannabis flower Michigan has to offer.

We believe in the power of the plant, therefore we choose not to color remediate our
concentrates of any of its naturally occurring molecules #saynotocrc.

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About Gold Crown

Gold Crown Extracts was founded in 2019 in the city of Warren, Michigan. We prefer to keep things natural, just like the plant! We admire and love the cannabis plant and all of the naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids it creates! This is why Gold Crown doesn’t use any filter media’s when creating it’s concentrates. With over 25 years of combined extraction experience, our goal is to provide a natural, flavorful, hydrocarbon concentrate to all dab lovers!

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Live Resin
Gold CrownAll of our live resins are created using fresh cannabis plants! This provides the consumer with a more robust and diverse terpene profile! We provide a variety of consistencies of live resin.
Gold CrownOur Crumble is made using dried and cured cannabis in which the extract undergoes an agitation process that thoroughly blends together the terpenes and cannabinoids into one homogenous mixture.
Gold CrownAlso made using dried and cured cannabis in which the extract is poured into thin layers and left untouched resulting in a glassy texture.
Gold CrownCurrently the most popular of concentrates, sugar is made by pouring extract in a dish and allowing the THC-A to “crash” or crystalize over a short period of time. The terpene fraction will generally separate from the THC-A giving it a wet sugar appearance.
Gold CrownBudder is a hybrid blend of sugar and crumble utilizing the agitation process to perfectly blend together our cannabinoids and terpenes.
Gold CrownWe have high quality edible gummies for you to try. We have many flavors to choose from!
Gold CrownHave a little fun with some Jesters! 1.5 grams of infused excellence.

Our Services

The Gold Crown extraction facility provides a variety of services to the cannabis market including:

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